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2fistd – save ’em lyrics


lord give me the power to trust
because peeps an their reech
got me not believe in god
though i know he is the
one so clearly in ’em their’s the f-ckin fault
i can’t trust even my homies d (can’t trust)
them all are just a bunch of sl!cks
i don’t have something up my sleeve
all cards naked on the table
imma eat the queen
f-ck the joker
dear to harvey like anil kapoor
full power like shas
i’m the man like dober
i can’t p-ss the sentence
cuz imma d-mn failure
tell the judge don’t judge
cuz god is real
he don’t live in a place
he lives on the earth
he sh-t on the world
don’t even flush like in a rush…
i got to go like the dealer waiting
flowin so the storm should
know who the f-ck is raisin
chasin no b-tch oye boy
only work i’m dating
i don’t know my d.o.b
cuz every day i’m baking
what’s my d.o.d guess
after yo c r e mation
god save ’em they gon die soon
cryin like a wolf
i could see from the moon
god save ’em
it’s evolution e v o jai hind
it’s evolution e v o jai hind