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2kbaby – half a milli lyrics


half a mili in the bag this sh+t ain’t really what you think
i miss all my n+ggas, i crack the seal to ease the pain
you never really seen the rain
i need seven figures, i’m tryna’ bust up out the bank
too quick to bust a n+gga brain, these n+ggas ain’t with it
you [best up?] stay in your lane, unless you dying for a lame
i beg for forgiveness, i said f+ck a choppa coupla dollas
i woulda called a lot of choppas, they callin my shotta
they swing to bust a n+gga poppin, dont give a f+ck about the papa
my n+ggas they got it like, pull up let it go “dah+dah dah+dah”
the choppa go dah dah+dah dah+dah, dah dah+dah dah, dah+dah dah
tell me when a n+gga holla, ill put some k!llas on his collar, and get him up out of here
my momma ain’t have a clue oh oh
(the whip that can whip me)? i whip the infinity like a [inaudible] oh oh
now i got enemies cuz i got juice
tell em n+ggas come send for me i’m in the booth
my n+ggas like a centipede that be the truth
but you can’t be a friend to me nah we not cool oh oh
i just don’t know