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2la kil – build lyrics


self esteem only my requirement
drippy dripping drippy its a hydrant
firing get your clique hit quick pyrex
flipping this and this sl!ck wit you inspire it
living in the city you can hit me up
hi lets finally meet up
you can see on the real
now don’t leave reality
i won’t keep you calling
i can see your soul hollering saying

build me up don’t break me down
build me up don’t break me down

(verse 1)
i hear
how am i important
if i’m not yours ?
i can not afford this
i am not for sure
hot water
boiling temperature
risen this is it oh lord
cap or to mention itching
get give me you want more ?

tching what you want some more ?
gotcha gotcha geetche
gimme gimme gimme yours
listen missy kiss me
does she really want ya boy
busy busy busy
on my mind self acknowledge
we all blind all issues
soft touch i need that you know
like a tissue

(outro verse)
hot like a fire dank
p-ss pot poor like a rich
pitcher fine gl-ss
mix match record if the pity pat
wars was it this fast forward
for a minute now
switch it back l!ck lack
cl!ck clack would he miss more
then now ?
its this that crick-ket
jimmy crack corny
which sand?
wish damage if it ain’t
livid limousine stretch
crip prolific dammit !
kit kat
wit you rather if
i love your flaws
i would love your pros
like a cash cow
gotta milk drag white black
this must stash
gotta get cut
where is the dope man ?
miss me with that
be a problem when i brought
it to you vision ?
i could wish that you collect
because i’m getting me
something different
this a mission that i’m getting to