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2la – eastern interlude lyrics


[intro] interview

interviewer: “ok so 2la uhm, first question
just tell us about yourself. who is 2la?
what do we get to know about 2la?
what do – what do we get to know about 2la?”

2la: “uhm 2la is probably a young artist, you know, …’ [fades away]

i got a couple b-tches i will probably hit for sure
[easter young follow yeah] x repeated singing
i got a couple miss i should feed from here – go!!

eastern young flow – was raised by a single parent
this way was pretty long, my mother died is was so cold
had to move out of the house when i was 14 years old
my sister had to move up to her dad in rosetown
my daddy had no time to know ah yeah
we had separate dads and i never saw mine
i dropped out of school and my peers thought i will be screwed
i did the same in the college my lectures said i’m a fool
i pray to god and hope they do well
and these amazing call em’ dudes now am blazing in h-ll
but in the booth man am feeling like jigga
my own soul man attached to that n-gga
they all know man i made a decision
i need paper to feed all my siblings
these haters can’t get on my conscience
yeah get down wh0r- and pray for the younging
i met girls who’ve been hustling and made it
i say grace to their souls and i mean it
and go gold to this dime cause am shifted yoh
i never pray for love, but we just got to split it up
but if i make my girl pregnant i’m ah be a better you
switch it to a million views ey, but i ain’t selling nudes
shout out to my n-gga miggs and hope we get to work so soon
maybe just show em how we do it – raise your dibas up
i just do it in the evening. can’t cope with the pain
but i’ve grown my tears, will never tremble no more
no more to struggle – but bless to all the modest
and everybody knows that i’ll be shining
and everybody believes in the younging
lord open doors i hit em with the goblex
storytelling and you can be my author
rainy days are pouring, grateful for my dissolve as a lot
live off glugs and no cops involved
do the path man i walk the walk
and all these lames finna talk the walk
roll a dooby so i dose the tox yeah