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2leestark – #freestylefridays (08-05-2020) lyrics


ekse cela uk’khipha le sixteen
ngirap’ela abantwana all your favorites are sixteen
i’m too mean; handy without andy
i’m too clean taking out the industry bafana nedust bin
flow engaxubanga ntwana, foul with the sick spit
it’s sickening, real kings, lord of the real rings
the fellowship is safe because the boy is on big things
bag is thick as nuts, i don’t peanuts for bookings
eish, i’m too messi to be chasing cliques
my bars+are+loner got my gunners for the championship
glacitgos so they see 2lee with his squad and sh+t
dont walk alone but got the sbindi like i’m rambo b+tch
beat you in a couple i could body like two twins
quadruple who you came with, got a section peng tings
not a cross dresser but i’m fiending for g strings
gold chains, all+stars, coverse with real kings
hlanza maphepha n+gga only spitting facts
hlanyela nyuku shifta fela for racks
until until you know the boy in all black
she really bout it if swallow during neck
thinta namadlozi,thembi inkosi for blessings
jersey number ten outsheli uphori i’m waiting
bathi ndu de small one cos i’m coming for everything
lana syabaenza it’s a matter of work king
working. shootah lefree,khiph’ icasette
and the word play fitter than boity on usn
so you faves fav just heard all the verses and hit the gym
what a straight verse, shoot at the stars and beat the bends