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2mfaz – pew-died-pie lyrics


serve you b-tch lasagna? b-tch lasagna
b-tch lasagna. b-tch lasagna. b-tch lasagna?
hungry for some drama huh?
it’s nothing personal that i’m dissing you
felix pewds whatever the kjellburg this swedish dude’s name is
the thang is the fricking gink of youtube
just put through his sh-t, without thinking through
what he could get his phoney self into/
this baller goes b-lls out, dan maurer, misfires, goes out
can’t f-ck with the ones in the court, can’t hold up, bawls out
falls out like soulja, can’t crank that, yea call out
another f-cking record label or a nation for a showdown/
meme review? gee dude, you need to be of service
to people, go sell hot dogs, that’s at least a purpose
for your pointless existence, be street smart man, show
your face to the world, least you’ll for once have people laughing/
spill tea? spill your guts out, bro we know
you are f-cking constipated about showing your
fear, about the fact that you can’t do sh-t about
the fact that some channel’s to catch up and go dethrone/
you, props to mr. beast for the metamucil
anything to put up compet-tion against an effing neutral
opposition, sh-t versus sh-t, it’s f-cking futile
cuz you’ll still be sh-t if you number one or number two b-tch/
think this b-tch a puss having kittens
a white dragon? sh-t, you’d p-ss for mike the headless chicken
a featherless pigeon b-tching cuz magicians happen
to be at his neck, and they’re indian still relentless/
cheap shots huh? you like bibleman hehehe
marzia is so talkative, so we keep banging on
she said you not fun, i said come get it on
babe it’s big enough to get you screaming like kirin calinan/
can’t get enough of saying how much of a dull
dumb dunderhead a pungent skunk drunk off a hundred
gallons of punch, gin, causing a ruckus like you clubbing
in a luncheon you are, here’s to you being a bonehead, skull/skål
oh sh-t, this bowlegged dork wants to stand up
cuz though he is going to croak still he wants to battle
but bro it is no b-sh-ttin’ joke you hope to water cannon
a jawzahr dragon, my mouth firing at you like i’m a barrel/
what a carol to dance to, hump some gravel on a beach to
eat a dandelion to, i’m getting em jollies like angelina
you didn’t smoke us, all you smoked was weed and some reefer
prolly the reason you were flashing your -ss next to a beach hut/
in sungl-sses even when it was overcast
so we sound like we mumbling, no it’s lang
-uage phonetics, bobs and vegana, no it’s slang
we just invented, f-ck you gonna do, joke and laugh/
over that, like you was born william shakespeare
speaking flawless english since your birth, brilliant, brainier
and better than everyone else, b-tch the only day we’ll
see creative and original content from you is when bailey’s/
able to hear with his left ear, when pump’s aphasia
is healed, when six nine is no more a klazomaniac
when you’ll finally manage to do well at sliding in
and skiing, and at best make a couple of babies yuh/
that was legitness, and yea, i’m just playing, pewds, you know i love you