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2mørvs – a hero’s transformation lyrics


[verse 1: dr. jordan b. peterson]
billions of people over the last two thousand years
have spent a substantial amount of time
doing nothing but gazing at the crucifix
it’s like, why?
you know, and one answer is:
well, those people are all superstitious
they believe in stupid things like, you know
death and resurrection and, you know
the virgin birth and all those things
that make no empirical sense, it’s like:
yeah, well, think again, you know
it’s not a matter of simplistic belief
it’s a matter of belief structures that arе
so profound that you can’t articulate them
you don’t know what they mеan
and so to gaze on the figure of the
dying and resurrecting hero is to understand
that a huge part of what redeems you in life
from evil an from the things that terrify you
is your capacity to let go of things that are outmoded and dead
and to revitalize them as a consequence of new learning
and it’s the very soul+ it’s your very soul
it’s the very+ it’s the+ it’s the living part of you
[verse 2: dr. jordan b. peterson]
the thing that’s so interesting about this is:
according to the+ to the wisdom traditions of mankind
that’s the part of your spirit that protects you
against fear and pain, ’cause you might say:
well, you know
if you don’t want fear and you don’t want pain
you should build a big wall around yourself
wrap yourself up in styrofoam and sit right in the middle
where nothing bad is ever going to happen to you
but, you know, first of all that’s obviously ridiculous
and second of all you’d die of boredom in no time flat
if you did that

[verse 3: dr. jordan b. peterson]
you cannot be protected
from the things that frighten you and hurt you
but if you identify with the part of your being
that has the capacity for+ for transformation
then you’re always+ you’re always
the equal of what it is that’s opposing you
or maybe more than the equal of it
so you can either depend on the walls
that protect you from things
and so those could be, like+ like, actual walls or cultural walls
or totalitarian beliefs or rigid thought patterns
or anything like that, or you can rely instead
on the part of you that’s voluntarily able
to confront things that are frightening and painful
and triumph
and the deepest story of+ of humankind
is that that’s the part of us that’s the most powerful
you know, weak as we are and subject as we are
to all sorts of terrible things
that’s the part of us that’s the most powerful
[bridge: jonathan pageau]
as we ascend the ladder then we become what’s at that ladder
it’s not just a question of arbitrary judgement, or arbitrary+
or, like, you did this and you didn’t do this;
it’s to become something, to acquire a virtue
so and as you acquire virtue then you become
that which is at that level and+
and you become more and more in the image of god
right? so it’s a+ it’s a process of transformation of the person

[outro: jonathan pageau]
it’s not just a bunch of rules we have to follow
in order to go to heaven or to go to h+ll
that’s not+ that’s not it, it’s to become something
and what you become, that’s paradise itself!
right? to acquire the virtue is paradise
there’s nothing else
right, that’s what it is: to become something
and to enter the paradise is to
become that which is in paradise
to be in the holy place, to have+ to be in a+
in a place in yourself and in your+ in your life
where you can+ are transparent to god
that you+ that god flows through you and you have nothing+
you have nothing holding it back