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2nd avenue – better alone lyrics



girl i was fine on my own
doing whatever
doing whoever
d-mn right whenever
till you came along
messed with my head
made me turn jealous
wish i was selfish
cause i gave you my time
gave you my mind
all i was hiding
let you inside
but you kept playing games
now we’re estranged
everything changed
girl who’s to blame


things are better when i’m by myself
sh-t’s just way better with n0body else
i think i’m better off by myself
so you should just find somebody else


i’m better alone
better on my own
won’t bother you no more
that’s better i suppose
won’t check on you at home
don’t hit up my phone
leave no message at the tone
i’d rather be alone

that’s better, much better
way better, much better. (×2)


girl you could’ve been a boss b-tch
could be sitting in the office
could be counting up the profits
but you ain’t want me
cause you couldn’t see
that i’d be out here popping
sh-t you dreaming of i got it
already copped it
could’ve taken you out shopping
you went ahead and blocked it, yeah girl you stopped it
heard you got you a baby can believe it
guess you got you exactly what you needed
hope you’re happy girl that’s all i can say
we all gotta learn to live with mistakes
so i say

” ” ”

” ” “