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2nd grade – velodrome lyrics


well i saw you looking out of a window
in a cafe down by the velodrome
they spelled your name wrong on the birth certificate
you cried about it for the whole drive home
and i saw you down at the demonstration
but i couldn’t tell what it was about
i spelled my name wrong on the declaration
couldn’t erase it so i crossed it out

and didn’t it feel so good
didn’t it feel so good

so i close my eyes and push all the air out
then i float up to the surface again
i love the feeling of running in circles
i am a slave to the curriculum
seems like everyone i know is in trouble
seems like everyone has nowhere to go
the country lives on despite our frustration
built a vibrator from a radio

and didn’t it feel so good
didn’t it feel so good

well i saw you looking into a window
there’s a cool breeze at the top of my cage
i check my radar, it’s all so exciting
i’m losing contact but can’t disengage