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2nd ii none – mystic lyrics


[verse 1: gangsta d]
she was a pretty young girl who was mystic
i was turned on by the flavor of her lipstick
talkin’ ‘bout how she like to hang with the crew
n0body really knew her but they knew what she could do
‘cause when it comes to mystic, it seems there’s only few
then i kinda figured she was giving up the play
but baby girl kept staring at my n-gga k
i really didn’t wanna throw my street d-gg-n’ mack
‘cause baby girl was all that
up until the day that i met her
she’s draped in gold, tight pants, and i really didn’t let her
get to me, or even try to do me
she’s huggin’ on me tight and she’s actin’ like a groupie
sn-tched her backstage ‘cause a n-gga wanted to rip
i’m sippin’ on her b’s while this freak l!cked my lip
i serve it to her proper on the dressing room floor
and after that, i never seen her no more
yo k, tell ‘em what you went through

[verse 2: kk]
smooth and warm is what i expected when i looked
saw nothing but hoochies but then one look got me hooked
by this girl, saw nothing wrong with her face, saw the body
mysteriously, she stood out from the rest of the party
d-mn, now what was it? i just couldn’t touch it
i had to find out so i smooth had to rush it
dapped up names with each other, she let me touch her
the next move, headed straight for the covers
now, ooh, on those hips, i was grippin’
we fell asleep when i finished up rippin’
the next day, called d, and we was trippin’
come to find out that d had been dippin’
so we schemed up a plan since we both got our rip on
let’s double team the hoe, and both get our trick on
‘cause she smooth played herself sick
now every hole in her body was getting entered by a d-ck
yeah, that’s how it went, ha
all over a girl named mystic…

can’t fade it
2nd ii none in the house, gettin’ busy
for the ’91 and the ’92, we out…