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2ndgraderenegade – agenda 21 lyrics


erase you thoughts get washed away
its nothingness its nothing less
breaking our resolve everyday its emptiness its emptiness
this is the place they go to erase rational eyes
coz in a sp-ce of nothingness all common ties die

shadow a ghost, the nameless the shameless
something to belong to? a total crock of sh-t
the brainwashed mind will drag us all inside
wanna drag me down motherf-cker? ill drag you close behind

when will you believe that you have a disease
but this is not the end, where there’s life, there’s hope
witness them all descend, make sure they never rise again
there’s nothing we don’t believe and no there’s nothing we won’t do

you think you know the truth? in what you think you’re doing?
you think you know where you are? where you think you’re going?
the brainwashed mind will drag us all inside
wanna take me down motherf-cker?

so what the f-ck do you expect? what you give ain’t what you get, it seems its always been about your death
the brainwashed mind will drag us all behind
right here right now motherucker

its enough to make you f-cking sick
super pseudo airborne pandemic?
f-ck it all its the end of the line and now
forever yours

enemy mine
life redefined deaths design