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2ndgraderenegade – to hell in a handbasket lyrics


last chance at life is slipping away
so cold but youre beggin to feel this
forever the optimist has been erased
artifacts as negatives are all that remain
how can you go much further? your beginning is your end

its time again “we” take the fist for the love of this earth
“you” are the sh-t that hides, deep within it
an eye for eye a tooth for tooth is that so wrong?
no, my disease is my f-cking mind, subject to defects
know all that youve done here will be compromised, nothing is sacred
break down the walls so the universe can see us
rip up the earth so we can feast on the goo inside

my disease is my f-cking mind, subject to defect, your disease all this time has been mine and is all that you’ll know to be true