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2om – hot diggidy dog lyrics


oi lachie
i’ve had 6 hotdogs in 3 days
wait dude your heads gotten bigger
yeah it’s all the hot dogs i’ve been eating
my eyes are watering

take a ride on my hot diggidy dog
jump on like a hop skippity frog

[verse 1]
girls want my hot diggidy dog because it’s nice and juicy
(nice and juicy)
i put my condiments away but all the girls just say did you lose these
(did you lose these)
floated down the river on a big hot dog
i didn’t make it down because i hit a rock
i got stuck in a rip and then it popped
(pop goes the weasel)
i tell my mum to get the don hotdogs
then she comes back with the coles brand buns
(why mum)
how can i eat it when the dog falls out
(not again)
and all on the table is the bread crumbs
(they’re everywhere)
jerome pick up those crumbs now
mum wait i’m just doing something
i said now jerome
mum wait

take a ride on my hot diggidy dog
jump on like a hop skippity frog

[verse 2]
hope she jumps onto my big long hotdog
(it’s so long)
bigger than a city i should know that’s where i’m from
(melbourne city)
cook it in hot water and grab it with some tongs
(need some tongs)
d-mn it’s big and juicy and long
(it’s mega)
haviannas and sun gl-sses
with a singlet and
some short shorts
no some board shorts
i hope that she’s on board
to jump onto my hot dog
buying for cheap prices like 3 50 an item
(an item)
crying from the spices i added why’d i even try em
why’d i even buy em
i coulda bought myself a drink like cola that’s not diet
(i could’ve)
jerome and i were floating right down the river on a giant hotdog
and then suddenly we collided with a riptide
she threw us around so much we fell onto our behinds
jerome stepped on a rock
trying to escape a croc
then we chased all the girls with our giant hot dog

take a ride on my hot diggidy dog
jump on like a hop skippity frog

oi betty come and say something
what do you want me to say
that you like my big hot diggidy dog
what’s the fuss in here
is that too loud