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2pac – basket case (’96 sho shot) [unreleased] lyrics


[intro: greg nice]
’96 sho’ shot
’96 sho’ shot
and you sitting down in a chair, won’t you ditch hole big black booty, get up
shake it like you just don’t care
just shake it like you just don’t care

[verse 1: 2pac]
i’m a well known plastic case, call me [?]
we down to mash with a ski mask down your face
prolly get your cash elevate to a faster rate
they wanna blast while i last in this tragic place
prolly be classic i laugh at they fake ass as a prank
and make the pain merciless and tragic
but they don’t wanna get they ass kicked
my competitions runnin’ til they last
never get they casket played
and drunk folks living learn the truth
boo don’t trust your friends, n+ggas turn on you
true get your buzz on..