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2pac – flex lyrics


flex, flex flex
flex, flex flex

[verse 1: 2pac]
slippin’ through my sh-t wonderin’ what hits it get
even before the flicks i was always h-t to flip the script
let’s play a game, call catch a b-tch, how you play?
well diss me n-gg- and catch a fist, you playin’?
ooo, i know you didn’t expect a n-gg- to catch wreck
i’m comin’ from the west, they all slept (flex)
’cause it’s been a long day
and i get with johnny q when n-gg-s rub me the wrong way
twenty four tracks is fat and all that
pack smack, jaw crack, after that, can i get my b-lls back?
n-gg- don’t front, just p-ss the blunt
i freak the funk for the trunks, pop the pump on the chumps
i make ya jump
dum diddy dump, love to thump
leavin’ n-gg-s with plumps, smokin’ blunts and skunks
so here it comes, let’s have a gun
or get done by the worst of our trumps for fun
pump pump!

flex, flex, flex flex
flex, flex flex
flex, flex flex
flex, flex flex

[verse 2: kastro]
oh! duck, prepare to throw n-gg-, get that -ss dropped
give us mad props and get packed i’m mad hot
so get that ‘caine step to the wrong f-ckin’ man
the crew too, fifty n-gg-s in the wrong clan
you f-ckin’ b-tch you better take you snitch -ss home
[?] is up feel his chrome on your d-mn dome
boom boom boom n-gg-s better duck or get bucked
f-ck stuck in the d-mn gut
i tryna tell ya but n-gg-s ain’t feel me
the f-ck with dollar wouldn’t that, never hail g
born for b-n-r, raise up in the stack
schoolin’, i’m ready to feel pain bet you -ss
will be fillin on the
foul type, then you say hi when i p-ss by
a n-gg- tryna act fly god bless the nice try
straight serve, what a herb, kicked to the curb
slammin’ dust, he got some motherf-ckin’ nerve
so back f-ckin’ and get jacked , dont test
so get wrecked and it will be a mess
if they wanna be a

flex, flex, flex flex
flex, flex flex
flex, flex flex
flex, flex flex

[verse 3: e.d.i. mean]
hey yo, nothin’ gets buck quick
when he f-ck with, and thoro headz stuck
bet you can’t budge with the rough n-gg-s
see, it’s fifty n-gg-s with me, is hundred head raw
not to mention a countless, i’m not ya ammo
so why would you wanna play a test
you can’t fade the best, since you get laid to rest
yeah, still wreck, you testin’ your mic full of check tack it
rep with
n-gg-s wanna flex it
they call me big mac, you put the f-ckin b-tch
and i’m outie
five dodge and you will never doubt me
i’m gettin’ flammy on this 2pac jammy
yo, sittin’ and p-ssin’ on a b-tch -ss panty
yeah, like it’s magic we comin’ on that -ss m-ssive
better tap in or get your -ss kicked
and if you plannin’ on rushin’, better stomp fast
’cause in the flat, i sn-tch a badge out you mark -ss
ayo, spark, split fifty n-gg-s
they should give us motherf-cker some of that real sh-t
ill sh-t they keep holes on the deals n-gg-
attackin’ n-gg-s like sh-t list with quick hits
so f-ck a rhyme if ya feel what i want for tacs
watch ya back, n-gg-, ’cause we ain’t quitter

thoro headz motherf-cker
big malcolm, motherf-cker indo boy
strictly representin’ for the motherf-ckin’ fuigitive [?]
them n-gg-s can’t be f-cked with
so when i keel over and die they gon take the sh-t
all you weak motherf-ckers get the motherf-ckin’ [?]
’cause my n-gg-s ain’t afraid of flexin’ you feel me
young n-gg-s, young n-gg-s