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2pac – lonely remix lyrics


[intro: 2pac]
let us pray, heavenly father
hear a n-gga down here
before i go to sleep

[verse 1: 2pac]
i see mothers in black, cryin’, brothers in packs dyin’
plus everybody’s high, too doped up to ask why
watchin’ our own downfall, witness the end
it’s like we don’t believe in god ‘cause we livin’ in sin
i asked my homie on the block why he strapped
he laughed, pointed his pistol as the cop car p-ssed, and blast
it’s just another murder, n0body mourns no more
my tear drops gettin’ bigger
but can’t figure what i’m cryin’ for
is it the miniature caskets, little babies?
victims of a stray, from drug dealers gone crazy?
maybe it’s just the drugs, visions of how the block was
crack came and it was strange how it rocked us
perhaps the underlyin’ fact, stay high, explain genocide
it’s when we ride on our own kind
what is it we all fear?, reflections in the mirror
we can’t escape fate, the end is gettin’ nearer

[hook: 2pac]
who do you believe in?
i put my faith in god
blessed and still breathin’
and even though it’s hard
that’s who i believe in
before i’m leavin’, i’m askin’ the grievin’
who do you believe in?