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2pac – only move 4 tha money [og] (incomplete mixdown) lyrics


[intro: 2pac]
most three dangerous words in the whole f-cking music bidness
(you ain’t heard?)
snoop dogg, dat n-gga daz and 2pac
death row’s finest
westside trick

[verse 1: 2pac]
three words to make a mu’f-cka heart burst
i rip the verse worse, n-gga when i start to curse
picture a black he-rs-, adversaries buried in they sunday best
he blinked, died in the dark, my guns sprayed his chest
but will i die n-gga? we all die, so until i die
why must i ride on my enemies until they fry
father forgive them, ’cause they not knowin’
my glock c-cked n-ggas drop, when my shots flowin’
my definition of a thug n-gga
a multi-millionaire, started as a drug dealer
i love n-ggas
open fire when i blast at ya
everybody dies, bad boy m-ssacre, i laugh at ya
holla my name, i reappear like a genie
no one, no man alive can see me
mothaf-ckas makin’ problems, but they get what they deserve
get destroyed, with these three words, mu’f-ckas know

[verse 2: snoop dogg]
to be a high rolla, you need a pistola
and about a half a key of some coca cola
now that i got older, i got a little colder
and don’t trip to get a chip off my n-gga shoulder
many dreams of a gangsta, being like cagney
or bogey for snoop doggy
ain’t no follower, man, i’m a general
so when i put it down i gots to be so original
i’m quick to bust, just like daz dillinger
but that’s the little homie
and i’m the big homie, snoop don corleone
spittin’ three words up in lightning
as long as i’m bouncin’ with this i know you likin’ this
fo’ sho though, you can’t take my photo
i’m throwing that dpg, layin’ lowkey in a grey fo-do
get pushed around town in the back of a car
double r from the dirt to the stars

[verse 3: 2pac]
f-ck the world, feel the fury of the chosen man
thug n-gga, 10 millimeter close in hand
put ’em in my range, aim n-gga take fire
watch ’em die, should’ve never f-cked around when it’s time to ride
ridin’ low, down a one way, watch for gun play
i hope we find true peace one day
n0body cry when my dog died, set ’em straight
ak-automatically, retaliate

[verse 4: snoop dogg]
can i ride through, them n-ggas tried to
ha, tick tock, i got the glock, we shock
the game with the realism
thug life, dogg pound about to get with ’em
’cause we hit ’em with the west coast gangsta sh-t
’cause that’s all we know and that’s all we spit
it’s like step (step), swoop (swoop), aim (aim), shoot (shoot)
snoop dogg, dogg snoop