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2rhude – choked up feat. wel$h lyrics


[intro: parteair]
you better start runnin’ now
my belt hold a 50 cal
shoot you if you talkin’ foul
who knows if i’m just f+ckin round

[verse 1: parteair]
now yo hands itchin’
found yo mans missin’
while my bands thicken
finger on the trigger
i can see yo spirit linger in this heat
this beat gon leave you fried like kfc, but
b+tch you sweet, you sweet like candy canes and bad champagne
i’m in the street, it looks like halloween and trick or treat
can’t miss a beat, if i miss a beat ill press delete till its complete

[verse 2: wel$h]
we’ve been f+cking up da streets with my homie ben 10
got a little bored, that’s when i pull yo b+tch to dance
listen, listen
now i’m on a mission, mission
clapped yo b+tch then you kissed her
yeah i know you missed her
and i’m motherf+ckin’ hitter
in the bed + ’bout to split her
get a threat, ima k!ll you
i’m a badman, like hitler
every day i’m getting bigger
got cash, like a milly
f+ck a b+tch and her feelings
my flow you be stealin’
black rims, windows tinted
rap game i be k!lling (f+ck em’)
[verse 3: fla jude]
b+tch you choked up hard when i hit u in the throat
gotta focus now, b+tch i gotta drive the boat
now i give em pow, it is murder what she wrote
while i’m watchin’ diehard she givin’ me blowhard
count cash, count cash real fast
i whiplash, his face got trashed
i ditch the gas, do the dash real fast
need rehab, smoke too much gas
i’m fast like flash, steve nash
i smoke good smoke on that hash
don’t hit women, but she got a rash
if you did it then you gone get bashed
got exotic weed it’s all so mashed
ugly b+tch she gone get passed
not like a jay, cause that sh+t smash
yo head in pieces, put you on blast
number one in the trapper draft
trap a lot but you get picked last
trapped in the trap, talk too much yap
fake snake yo phone get tapped!
gotta be sick on the wrist
gotta be sick on the neck
b+tch u just sick on the net
she tryna suck ima let
ima win lets take a bet
yo b+tch actin like she be my pet
if i want a gun ima get
2rhude takin’ off like a jet