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2ru3 – broken lyrics


i often ask myself, oh where am i going
wondering with no direction, i’m lost confused and lonely

dreaming, of brighter days on the horizon
striving hard day to day to push on

but now my soul is weary and tired

let me know where it is i am supposed (i’m feeling)
tell me what it is that i am supposed to do (i’m living)

seeking for change to rearrange my current state of living
feeling imprisoned within my spirit barred from greatness within me

many nights and days i’ve prayed for a way to be made clear
so i can know and understand my purpose here

is it a crime, to want for more than where you reside
like feigning for a fruitful marriage with only breakups in sight

ain’t no selfish ambition or pride in this heart of mine
i just want to succeed and be the best 2ru3 can be (alright)

tried to hide my exhaustion believing folks wouldn’t understand
how i pleaded for connection yet never felt god’s hand

tell me what it is to live, tell me what it is to achieve
how does it feel to know love not a one way street

precious moments steadily p-ss as i yearn for more to gain
hoping my life will equal more than a body in a grave

maintain, maintain is the message in mind
though i strive to follow i hope to elevate and bring the vision to life alright


can i live my life and be free
i want to know if there’s something good for me

is there more to living than getting old and dying
does it really have special meaning or is it all in my mind

i want to love, and do my best as i live
and if it’s something greater, beyond this here

let me see it clear