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2ru3 – glad for you (congratulations) lyrics


dang, time sure flying by fast man
done got married and everything…

congratulations, on birthing new life
congratulations, on becoming a wife
congratulations, on all you do
congratulations, i’m glad for you

i never knew a smile could lead to such pain
i never knew sunshine could disguise the rain

memories, rushing me like the wind
reminiscing in my heart, how did it all begin

and i’m wondering, where it is i went wrong
nothing against you baby, do i hold in my heart


did you ever see, what you really meant to me
did you ever know, how i cherished you like my own soul

maybe you was blind, in your mind
cause when you were sick and i called to check on you baby
you flipped ’round and cussed me out

now i realize, you wasn’t ready for love
what’s done is done, yea
i’m just glad that you found someone to love



i hope he treat you right, and bring you joy
wishing only blessings on your child, and that they grow wise and strong, yea

over the years, things have changed and made us strangers
though we once were so close it seemed our hearts intertwined
and became tangled

even though you had me bruised
and showed my love wasn’t even chump change to you

i still remain the same, got no time to be hating you
and i got
love for ya

[chorus x2]