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2shaddy – peter pan lyrics


peter: say, that’s it! you think of a wonderful thought!
children: any happy little thoughts?
peter: uh, huh!
wendy: like toys at christmas, sleigh bells, snow?
peter: yup, watch me now, here i go! it’s easier than pie!
wendy: he can fly!
john: he can fly!
michael: he flew!

i’m the man of the man, i’m a fan of a fan
i’m the top dog i’ll make ya b-tch understand
i call the plug tell em gimme a gram
time is money when i travel feel like i’m peter pan
new peter pan is up, i done had enough
rappers talking out they lips the bl!cky shut em up
i’m going hard on daily basis i will never stop
wanna get at me? think twice fore’ you press record
cause we gon pull up with the bl!cky, could be night / day
fear in order to survive you cannot be afraid
i know the b-tch that’s right beside me look like sommer ray
free my brother that’s in jail do not hesitate
issa’ raw way, in the cut (hmm)
while tryna make it up (yup)
b-tch is getting got, while i’m shooting at the opp
running from a cop, you can meet me round’ my block
only money talk, when you see me say w-ssup (sup, sup)

i hear everybody talking ’bout me now
cause i’m like peter pan, i’m never coming down
i’m in the fast lane like i’m flying through the cloud
my head stay in the sky high while my feet on the ground

i don’t know where to hide it at, in my back pocket?
people running out they mouth; i let my gat stop it
all the fire in the whip, will hit everybody
so i’mma pull up, when i pull up; it’ll be catastrophic (peter pan)

i’m in this b-tch, you can miss me with, all the small talk
i’m the leader, i’m the greatest, wanna meet the top dog
but that’s me, hoe that’s me
one point three – i see why they hate on me
peter pan out the window, i won’t fall (woah)
fly all through the sky, yea the world is small (woah)
got me tripping off that molly till’ the sun rise up’
my hitters will catch a body if i say eyes up (pow)
i’m forever 21, we stay forever young (young, young)
forever is my land so respect where i’m from (from, from)
forever at the party with a unfriendly gun (gun, gun)
forever in the cut until i say i’m done
i’m the man, i demand
that you pull up with the chopper
go do the job proper
sending shots off with mustafa
know these cops is tryna stop us
cause they see me get this parra
made it out the f-cking gutter
don’t believe me, ask your mother

[breakdown / outro]
you know, she know
you know she know
you know she know
yeah, she know
it’s the new peter pan, yeah
it’s the new peter pan, yeah
yeah’ i’m the new peter pan
i’mma, i’mma make the m-th-f-ckin’ world understand ho