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2thousand5 – backwoods lyrics


i was smoking [?] wax
shawty only wanna f-ck ’cause she know i’m next

i’ve been rolling backwoods
smoke a swisher man
n’s out here
they ain’t really with ya man
oh no no
that’s a [?]

run up on your block
[?] hurt n
put 30 in your back
no [?] n
[?] that’s a fusion
[?] leave you oozin’

drop top, in a [?]
now we cruisin’
your n are losing
my n are winning

right from [?]
my n are winning
playing [?] like [?]
all these n nagging

i been f-cking flexed up
shawty only wanna f-ck
give me f-cking top ’cause i’m next up

propane in the brain then i’m f-cked up
fl!ck wrist, no strain, one double cup
bad b-tch, good brain, get alot of top
bhb is the gang, yea you know w-ssup

flexin’ in my jewelry
think i was a jeweler
all play, no work
i’m like ferris bueller

smoke till my lungs hurt
i’m going under
b-tch, sweet dreams
no sun, i slumber

shawty wanna look at my soul
she can’t even look at my phone
who you text in the late night?
let me think [?] the iphone

i’ma just drink till my head hurt
my world, your girl, short skirt, no shirt
when i ask, she said you were over
cold world, no fur, no skr, no work