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2thouxen – ariel lyrics


need a bentley coupe
not a friend of you
better look me in my eyes when i look at you
you my enemy, no you not a friend of me
ima catch yo body that’s a rip
i got my hoes way up, taking nasty pictures every night
she can’t keep it lowkey, that’s why her boyfriend is tryna fight
i just got the pictures, n-gga acting like a gave the pipe
don’t you judge me by my height cuz 6 foot b-tches want the pipe
b-tch back up, you can not get close to me
get the f-ck away from me, you’ll never get control of me
if he want these hands he can get these hoes for half price
swipe up for a rate is all i say to get that one night

give a d-mn about a hoe
baby i’m no average joe
movin v lone while i can
ima be the f-ckin man
don’t need pills to go to sleep
rip lil peep

too attached, baby goodbye
you gave me a h-ll of a night
but i gotta get back to my ways
i can’t make it if you stay in my lane

these hoes don’t believe in me
they don’t think i can succeed
i go way up on my set
me and them for life f-ck the rest

stop instagram stalking me
rollin with the loud need febreze
i don’t ever pay for the green
all my brothers cover that for me