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2toneshawty – coupes lyrics



ah ah ah ah/
you ready?/
why why why?/

verse 1:

why does she think she could lie to me?/
am i playing games like the lottery/
i know its upsetting, no stopping me/
f-cking with me, thats my property/
i take your possessions and put you in poverty/
why did u think you could copy me?/
dublin is my monopoly/
end up cheffed up like some collard greens/
i know you thought it wasn’t possibly/
me who could’ve been the hottest g/
the people say, say apologies/
but i say f-ck you, less you conquer me/
or body me, on plotted beats/
honestly, your dishonesty/
planting seeds, like it’s botany/
this all cuz of my biology/
know i’m 19 and a prodigy/
not accomplished but you proud of me/
when the game change its policies/
send an email and just contact me/
or you could call and say hi to me/
cc me in or just copy me/
dont criticize on your own lies/
cause thats just hypocrisy/

hook: (x2)

ain’t no coupes in sh-t/
end up get screwed in this sh-t/
money moves, making funny moves/
naked women on the bottle/
that i’m sipping from its true/

verse 2:

friend just hit my cellular/
ain’t no girls on the regular/
he know we broke in this sh-t
till i blow up make some millions/
i just wanna make a k!lling/
make a video so film it huh/
wanna be a little villanous/
show the -ssets of the women off/
tongue touching with the kissing aw/
no weinstein with the -ssault/
im always consenusual/
always try to be original/
little season with oregano/
mom grew up out in mexico/
sh-t was super hard you gotta know/
went to college thats when it popped off/
listen i came up to dublin/
then my money started doubling/
all i wanted was the fame, music, and my people love it/
thats all i wanted/
do a show out in the public/
confidence just like kid cudi/
say ot genesis and cut it/
im put together like a b-tton/
friend-zoned by n-body/
cuz i ain’t friends with n-body/
yea catch me on my lonely/
pretty girl come and find me/
im dead inside like a zombie/
you rock stupid sh-t abercrombie/
only child growing up/
it was just me and my mommy/

hook: (x2)

ain’t no coupes in sh-t/
end up screwed in this sh-t/
money moves, tryna make some funny moves/
all these women on the bottles/
that i’m sipping from, its true/

verse 3:

you just wanna slow down/
you barely even know now/
what i’ve become inside/
it’s starting to show now/
post malone, im a wrecking ball/
home alone, cause im better off/
blacking out, cause im packing up/
travelling, catch me taking off/
this sh-t cannot be slowed down, unless i say f-ck it/
10 toes down, 10 hoes now, scoop the money all in a bucket/
feelings up and feelings changing/
my whole day love parading/
life is faking, now im making, all this music you can catch me racing/