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20 minute loop – hell in a handbasket lyrics


backed across that b-st-rd,
spun the mud like fabric,
tires lifting dropping,
the shining river blinds me…

one false st-tch is all it takes,
just throw your fist across your face and split a lip.
what a thrill to hurt yourself without a thing to blame
for all the suffering.
serves us right, the violent types,
a word is flipped inside your mind until it’s… sh-t.

lost, all lost…

there’s no crazy crush when
the thought is lost in
all the confusion,
the current swept it off…

back across the byway,
took the northern northern,
spinal cord and muscle,
i’m strong as h-ll, i’m open…

hollow rock beside an estuary bank
of mud and slime where a boat sank.
clothing stretched across a stone,
cold cigarettes and chicken bones are all he left.
stinking tide reminds a rat of better times and all
the bread he left behind.
all of the crumbs and gristled fat
he threw at birds who nagged and snapped
and cursed his eyes.

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