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213 – i’m fly lyrics


[snoop dogg]
ya!welcome to da church volume ii exclusive 213
(hah hah) my nephew nate dogg in da house
nate dogg holla at ’em where u at
[nate dogg]
ridin’ in my car
and im listening to the radio
im listening to a sad girl sang
sangin about how she got her heart broke
she was reaching for stars
i just want me somethin natural
when you’re alone it gets mighty cold
don’t act as if you did not know
she let me play wit her heart
i’m working late i said i’ll soon be home
all the while the girl was home alone
let me tell you what she crying fo’
cuz i’m fly
(snoop dogg)
ya he supa fly
(nate dogg)
oooo i’m fly
[snoop dogg]
you know he supa fly
but me im supa dupa and im supa dupa fly
i’d be da great-estes i know your waited list
and i wanted this to be elaborate
and so stratuous
and u just slide by and wise-ey
u want another p-ss-ey
is that the way you goin for his-ey
i know you’re feeling all hurt inside
but won’t you talk to a playa
let me help out your ride
im like a counselor a pastor a priest
or a physchologist
a shriek or a freak
peace my technique
i wear minx gator boots
im da one dat gets da loot
and i aint afraid to shoot
and i love to toot toot
beep beep as i slide up the street
im from the lbc and i don’t noe wut yall done heard about me
but im a c-r-i-p wit some p-i-m-p too
i’m a real pimp playa from da 213 crew
now look here boo
if you gonna bang or hang wit da dogg
you besta get in
holla at her nate dogg
[nate dogg]
ridin’ in my car
and im listening to the radio
im list

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