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28 days – kid indestructible lyrics


my style yeah i like to party down on a
thursday night and you know we do it right
mad wild going crazy with the crew yeah
we do what we want to and you know
when i hit the suds itæ?¯ a nightmare stand clear
doing what i feel is right if not who cares
not me evil like the devil donæ?° you think?
waking in the morning thinking d-mn i shouldnæ?° drink.

i kinda know yeah i know but i donæ?° want to know
what i did when i was kid indestructible
i put the pieces together enough to know i f-cked up

friday iæ?¦ always paying through the nose
cause i choose to start the weekend early
and they say you shoulda seen yourself last night
then they laugh yeah you were in great form

the barman wonæ?° serve me but heæ?¯ serving all the ladies
i want to jump the bar and send the b-tch to hades
so i pick up all his straws and
i throw them at his little pinhead
the bouncer saw me now iæ?¦ dead
ah f-ck iæ?¦ dead

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