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2eleven – tales from my neighborhood lyrics



you know i hustle til the end of me
get them to me and move them out
want it to the enemy we get it until we shut it out
big… spin through
i bet a n-gg-r can’t imagine what i’ve been through
tales from my neighborhood
tales from my neighborhood
tales from my neighborhood
tales from my neighborhood

… like a soldier
n-gg-rs go wild… f-cked over
hardly antic-p-ted…
catch on a avenue still i own my…
… i demand the respect
i live with… ended on my life term
… wasn’t thinking in my right mind
… yell at night
serve from a front porch
until i find the morning light
get them all of it… night
… let it ride it like a motorbike
i’ve been…
how you like me now?
still hungry, rats on the menu
selling out the… spot to the…


… closed up for our sons
turned up for our daughters
my pops ain’t do sh-t for me
that’s why i’m like f-ck my father
i’d be the black author
n-gg-r the streets tales
wishing black in the white males world
like eat well
and if you… you won’t make it out
real n-gg-r smell lames
they know you can’t fake us out
… break us out
now n-gg-r you see full
i got to get… new shoes
had a rough 4 minute
but you’re far from over dude
play… you’re gonna get a whole magazine
the whole team is sick… a whole magazine


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