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2elo – go tla siama lyrics


verse: 1

rapela modimo, gongwe e tla fela hiv
if i will never gonna die, the best is what i can be
to risk to make a dollar, ke tsamaya ke sokola, everyday mme a mpona
ke kgolegelong fifing, no one choose to live the life
brothez gone fit deep, struggle never chill a bit
feel and listen to this beat, mother is working as a maid
where the h-ll is cure for aids, tsala yame e tlhokafetse, ramasedi kgang
ke tseo
now my granny is sick of canser, got to figure which the answer
encourage teenage pregnacy and secret abortion, so where the h-ll is
fortune hearding
is all about our goverment, and poverty is permanent
matlhokotlhoko a lefatshe im gonna tell the president

go tla siama / ah x3
go tla go tla bona mfana go tla siama

verse: 2

kgaitsadi gata le nna
kgang re di garele
khubama ka mangwele ramasedi re mo rapele
live as a unity letsatsi le re tlhabele
dikhutle tsa lefatshe le
dipetlele, dikgolegelo di fele lefela tlhe
life’s poverty and pain
tia pelo motswana
my boys are doctors and lawyers
and girls got the ornas
batswana im really crying
so tshubela tsela lesedi
my words cought the victim in scene of pool of blood
and never take it immotionally its just lyric im heard
fore father p-ssed away
ke khutsana in other way and hommies are your enemies

go tla siama / ah x3
go tla go tla bona mfana go tla siama

verse: 3

bona mo ditarveneng basetsana basimanyana under age is restrict
gone kgatleng district
we buried many victim
distala tsotlhe mabitleng
di robetse six feet
mfana feel your heart beat
one with the hiv
and one who lost the mother and father
is martin luther king juniour
ke utlwa botlhoko motswana
love and peace in area
halla my tutorial

go tla siama / ah x3
go tla go tla bona mfana go tla siama

baya matsogo phatlheng, rapela modimo sane.

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