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2pac – tupac death 2016 [explicheat mix] lyrics

[2pac- hold on be strong lyrics mix]
there’s, never a good day
cause in my hood they
let they ak’s pump strays where the kids play
my homies dyin’ ‘fore they get to see they birthdays
these is the worst days
sometimes it hurts to pray
and every halloween
check out the murder scene
can’t help but duplicate the violence seen on the screen
and even god turned his back on the ghetto youth
i know that ain’t the truth
sometimes i look for proof
i wonder if heaven got a ghetto
and if it does
does it matter if you blood or you cuz
remember how it was
and facin me now, what do i do?
these thangs that a thug goes through
and still i rise
so keep ya head up
and even though i had
pain in my heart, i was hopeless from the start
so keep ya head up
and make ya mind strong
it’s a struggle every day…
holla if ya hear me!!

[2pac-can’t c me lyrics mix]
cops and sirens,n-gg-s open fire
buncha thug life n-gg-s on the rise
until i die
ask me why i’m a boss player gettin high
and when i’m rollin by
n-gg-s can’t c me!!
give me my money in stacks
and lace my b-tches with 9 figures
real n-gg-s fingers on nickle plated 9 triggas
must see my enemies defeated
i catch them
while they coughed up and weeded
open fire
now them n-gg-s bleedin’
see me in flesh
and test
and get your chest blown
straight out the west, don’t get blown
my adversaries cry like ho’s
open and shut like doors
is you a friend or foe ?
n-gg- you ain’t know ?
they got me stressed out on death row
i’ve seen money
but baby i got to gets mo’
you scream and go
and i ain’t stopping’
till i’m well paid
bails paid
now n-gg-, look what h-ll made
visions of [dogs] and visualize my debut
n-gg-s know me, player
i gotta stay true
don’t be a dumb motherf-cker
because it’s crazy after dark
where the true thug n-gg-s see ya heart
n-gg-s can’t c me!!

california love…..
[dr.dre-california love]
now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild west
a state that’s untouchable like elliot ness
the track hits ya eardrum like a slug to ya chest
pack a vest for your jimmy in the city of s-x
we in that sunshine state where that bomb -ss hemp be
the state where ya never find a dance floor empty
and pimps be on a mission for them greens
lean mean money-makin-machines servin fiends
i been in the game for ten years makin rap tunes
ever since honeys was wearin s-ssoon
now it’s ’95 and they clock me and watch me
diamonds shinin lookin like i robbed liberace
it’s all good, from diego to tha bay
your city is tha bomb if your city makin pay
throw up a finger if ya feel the same way
dre puttin it down for

shake it shake it baby
shake it shake it baby
shake it shake it shake it shake it…
shake it shake it mama
shake it cali…

[verse 2: 2pac]
out on bail fresh outta jail, california dreamin
soon as i stepped on the scene, i’m hearin hoochies screamin
fiendin for money and alcohol
the life of a west side playa where cowards die and it’s all ball
only in cali where we riot not rally to live and die
in l.a. we wearin chucks not ballies (that’s right)
dressed in locs and khaki suits and ride is what we do
flossin but have caution we collide with other crews
famous cause we program worldwide
let’em recognize from long beach to rosecrans
b-mpin and grindin like a slow jam, it’s west side
so you know the row won’t bow down to no man
say what you say
but give me that bomb beat from dre
let me serenade the streets of l.a
from oakland to sacktown
the bay area and back down
cali is where they put they mack down
give me love!

[hook of takin’over]
but you better know try to play ’cause the game is over
we takin’ over

[2pac-takin’ over]
you can’t break me, never make me busta soft the beats
this outlaw style got a brother off the streets
miss delores tucker sue me i won’t stop
’til we get justice for these crooked cops on my block
time warner full of sissies
tell ’em all to miss me
a bunch of hypocrites whistling dixie
good riddance cause you never should of touched me
you cowards knew you couldn’t take the pressure i’ma make you sorry
trust me
did i cry when they dropped me? (nah), can they stop me? (yeah)
tryna sell 4 million copies
if i wasn’t spitting it’d be prison or death
this rap game all we got left
so try to comprehend where we coming from
life as an outlaw, ain’t meant for everyone
so here we come
recognize how we organize
strategize now we unified brothers on the rise
and we don’t stop

they don’t [?] t-t takin’ over, we takin’ over
i see you trying on, ’cause we do it better
[?] what you seek, we’ll be coming over
but you better know try to play ’cause the game is over
we takin’ over

[verse 3: snoop dogg]
i came to get in that -ss, bigg di-dogg, push the big hid-ogg
you’re hoppin’ and poppin’, how bout you hop up off my bid-alls
got dirt on my pid-aws, i broke a few lid-aws
it really don’t matter cause i’m only here to spit on
and get on and sh-t on n-gg-s
do it to ’em d-o-double, right on n-gg-
i’m saggin’ it, baggin’ it, slangin’ dubs
you motherf-ckas think the wash is all soap and suds?
what’s up cuz?
if you tryin’ to get a dub sack page me
the hoes say “d-loc, you so crazy”
poppin’ that sh-t don’t faze me
i need my chips and the dip, it’s like gravy

[verse 4: dr dre]
now back to the lecture at hand
perfection is expected and i’m feelin’ that demand
los ang’, broad day gunnin’
that ain’t no earthquake it’s just dre comin’
if this sh-t ain’t played, the party ain’t b-mpin’
if i don’t show up, the hoes ain’t f-ckin’
(real talk) cali sunshine, come visit
just don’t stop at stop signs with bullet holes in it
all-star league, you ridin’ benches
i handles my business, f-ck fake n-gg-s
i sell game a quarter million a track
snoop and the good doc back with a brand-new sack
sh-t’s wrong, money gone, i’ll blast
out of town, out of bounds, no p-ss
runnin’ up, talkin’ sh-t, get smashed
(shoot first) ask questions last

[gangsta’s paradise hook]

[2pac-loyal to the game]
now i’ve got task on a n-gg-‘s -ss
tell me will they blast me
i think of an alias in case these crooked b-tches ask me, now
it’s gettin crazy after dark
these narcs be like trying to shut me down but i’m too smart
now picture me scared of the penitentiary
i’ve been moving these things since the days of elementary
now tell me what ya need when ya see me
i’m stacking gs buying all the things on tv, believe me
i got some killers on my payroll and they know
when it’s time to handle business n-gg- lay low
although i’m young i’m still coming up
i’m gettin paid pulling razors on n-gg-s when they running up
the first to pull the strap when theres drama
buster you ain’t heard?
i been slicing motherf-ckers since i lost my mama
there ain’t a cop that can stop me
my posse is c-cky and they don’t wait until they drop me
i’m loyal to the game

[gangsta’s paradise hook]

now picture me scared of the penitentiary
i’ve been moving these things since the days of elementary
now tell me what ya need when ya see me
i’m stacking gs buying all the things on tv, believe me

[lose power]
until i die…
[five shots]

- 2pac lyrics

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