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3-15 – comin’ for you lyrics


comin’ for you

//anytime you wanna see me, you can holla at me girl
you just gotta call me, girl; in no time, i will be there
i know you just wanna have this night for both of us to share
i admire your complexion, body, and beautiful hair

when you call my name…
i’ll be comin’ for you…//

1st verse: 3-15
i’m so glad that you came
this is a boo thang
it’s not a new thang
who’s the one to blame?
is it your s-xy self;
is it my s-x appeal?
you send me the text and i know the deal
you don’t want commitment and that’s cool
you got your own sh-t and you’re in high school
text me when you’re free; call me when you’re lonely
i’ll be over soon and then you can show me
how much you want me; how much you miss me
i got that magnum strapped; you know it fits me
and after you’re busy
with your exes, with the lames, with your besties, and the games, you can hit me up
you can feel me up
i’ll feel you up
you can freak me up
i’ll freak you up
after the rounds are done; after all the fun
we’ll move on
call me when you want some


2nd verse: 3-15
i ain’t text you in a minute, and now you blow me up?
why’s it you want me more when i don’t give a f-ck?
you like ’em bad boys; the controlling type
your facebook posts make it seem like they’re your only type
but every lonely night, you hit me up
i wish i was cold-hearted and not give a f-ck
you want me for s-x, but won’t lemme be your man?
won’t lemme make you mine, or give me your hand?
if this is the best i’ll get from you, then so be it
i could give you my all, but you won’t see it
so this is what we are; never goin’ far
but no matter what you’ll always be my movie star
this summer, you’ll be far; gotta be seein’ you
i’ll admit it sucks there never will be “me and you”
but i’m seein through
the empty sp-ces
simple basics: just the bedsheets and it’ll be me in you