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3-15 – heart remembers lyrics


heart remembers

1st verse:
seventh grade -what a good time; we were together the whole year
shawty always kept it real with me; with her, i ain’t shed no tear
no jealousy, no arguments; we ain’t never kept no secrets either
never had to question what she do; nope, no suspicions -i just believed her
never even had a problem, man; not ’til her parents tried to intervene
but we kept together -never slept together;
i never quite managed to get in her jeans
she had her virtues and values; only girl i knew with morality
always pressured her into doin’ stuff; she still wouldn’t even get mad at me
but i knew that in reality, this girl right here too good for me
but this girl -she gave me hope to be, everything i thought i couldn’t be
and, still, i tried to get it in; don’t think there was a day i wouldn’t try
girl, wasn’t i wrong to do that; always tried to push further, didn’t i?
on top of that, i started to smoke; on the daily i was gettin’ high
knew that bothered her in the back of my mind; still can’t believe i was gettin’ by
by junior year, she had enough; we were over -i let it die
senior year -don’t even talk; this is me just sayin’ goodbye

//1st chorus//
//i want you know that, karma caught up to me
i’m livin’ this lonely life, and i see you happy
hope your dude’s treatin’ you right
i have no one at my side
maybe this is what i deserve.//

2nd verse:
baby momma, we had our run; almost four years just off and on
never knew replyin’ to that mysp-ce message would get us where we are -an ugly swan
started off so beautiful; we spread our wings and began to fly
that was before the jealousy, the hoes and n-ggas, and all the lies
yeah, i made mistakes, too; but never did i ever replace you
but you replaced me, tried to erase me -even after our baby
hittin’ the club with your dumb friends -those dumb hoes- i knew that
you were pro’ly gonna end up like ’em, but never antic-p-ted that you’d do that
sh-t that you did; you were so stupid
what the f-ck you doin’; we already have a kid
i’m workin’ every weekend; goin’ to school in between
and all that you are doin’ is hittin’ the grindin’ scene
remember the dude you’d run off with; part of me still hates him today
i had a side thing too, so i really can’t be trippin’, and lately i am thinkin’ maybe we’re what made it this way
i was a father at sixteen, i got a job, and licensed
you, a mother at seventeen, ain’t doin’ sh-t -just mind games
two years later, switchin’ back in forth; havin’ troy with me every other holiday
hope the n-gga was worth it cause now we split, and still mad at the fact that you got your way
i’m eighteen -you nineteen- everything isn’t what it might seem
now it’s just myself and troy; i hope i get to enjoy my dream
you never even supported me for me to reach my dream goal
maybe that’s when i should’ve realized maybe you weren’t my dream girl

//2nd chorus//
//i want you to know that, i’ll do my best for troy
let’s give it our best shot, at raisin’ our little boy
let’s be the parents he needs
nourish our planted seed
no matter what it’s gonna take.//

[these are just things that, the heart remembers
wanna let go of it all, but it still enters
the path of the memories; pushin’ the boundaries
of places i don’t wanna go anymore.]