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3-15 – in the dark lyrics


in the dark

//i’m leaving for the brighter side
and i’m going without you
because you left me in the dark.//

verse 1:
you can’t imagine the new motivation you’ve brung
i have a new plan for me and our son
you’re in the plans, but you’re just his mother
don’t try to justify your wrongs; don’t even bother
the damage has been done
now it’s time to move on
you doubt my will so it’s you who i must wrong
yeah, i can be childish a bit
but you’re the one who throws tantrums
when even the smallest of issues happens
i know i shouldn’t hold it against you
don’t care if it offends you
there’s no holy water that could ever cleanse you
from the pains you
caused my heart
the cheating and the lying was just the start
and how did it end;
you lying again
you took our love and replaced it with your liking to men
but they won’t crown you their queen like i did
i gave you everything
that i had and the next step would’ve been a wedding ring
but now i’ll move on to a better thing


verse 2:
i’ve never seen
a love so tragic
i don’t think there’s a cold enough heart like yours for it to match it
my heart, i gotta patch it
from the torn up scars that you left me with
my dream, i gotta catch it
i’ve dumped the burden and the nightmare
i used to tell god, “i’m right here”
but now i know i’m not goin’
i could leave tonight and the gates would not open
i’m not hopin’
to be unsuccessful
though this sh-t is stressful
there’s still a lot of respect and dignity i gotta gather
i would never rather
say f-ck it and just scatter
so f-ck the past
the relationship couldn’t last
how the f-ck am i supposed to respond whenever troy asks
about what happened?
should i sugarcoat it?
or let him know about my heart that i gave to his mother and she just broke it?
or should i just leave that sh-t unspoken?
man, i’ll be chokin’


regardless of the past
we shared some sobs and some laughs
i don’t regret that we crossed paths
i just hope you learn your math
just you and one guy, and keep it at that