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3-15 – mr. martinez lyrics


mr. martinez

1st verse:
w-ssup to my broskis;
w-ssup to my dealers;
w-ssup to my girls
everyone else just know my name around town/
w-ssup to my haters;
w-ssup to my doubters;
w-ssup to my exes
everyone else just listen up; don’t make a sound/

mr. martinez don’t like no basic/
chug a loko -don’t chase it/
c0ke with some cola; it’s sick like ebola -that stimulant mixed with depressant gots my heart racin’/
and i swear i be rappin’ for fun
f-ck boys just rap for the look/
f-ck out my face
if you think i’m a sucka, you must’a mistook/
me for a scrub or a crook/
truth is, i’m a spitta at heart
got sick sixteens if you need it/
hot-headed; i’m heated/
my white boys got that work if ya feenin’;
white girls if you like ’em conceited/
don’t like me, then beat it;/
n0body payin’ you to stick around/
drank’d up and weeded
sw-nked up indeed, kid
i love mj like parker; swear i should get a pound/

but man, i’m broke -no joke/
thank god my peeps keep me so toked/
i’m a penny short of a swisher; that tropical fusion -it gets me so stoked/
i’m the chap around town, and you merely a peasant; you less than a bloke/
not a dude to provoke/
done asked a few to spit for me; ignored me like “nope”/
it’s like i’m playin’ with kids like the pope/
can’t f-ck with the man; there isn’t no hope/
blame it on p-ssy and hip-hop and every sheet of notebook paper that i ever wrote/
i’ve scribbled a lot; scr-pped lots out/
still ain’t enough songs i’ve dropped out/
too many hufflepuff bubble-b-tts i’ve c-cked out/
when mr. martinez step out the door, mean the rap machine boss out/
watch out/

an underdog years ago; now i spit like i’m in the big leagues/
switch these, spit schemes/
flow ’bout to hit you’s why you’re flinching/
cringing, the way that i can spit, ho/
it’s fif, yo/

don’t know what that mean?
here, take a plate; you’re gettin’ served/
you’re buddy, too; not forgetting yours/
take a number, but guard ya b-tch -i’m gettin’ hers/
sneak disses are weak -why it never hurts/

been quiet for a minute, but just k!lled it in a minute/
i’m feelin’ kinda ill; man, i need to start a clinic/
i’m feelin’ like a boss; man, i need to start a bidnis/
i’m always last to finish; girl, holla if you wit’ it/