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3-15 – nothing at all lyrics


from my senior year to now, life has made a switch
gambled with my winnings and i rolled the ice./
cards were shuffled and dealt
i saw my hand and i felt like i folded twice./
don’t know where to go with life./

i been on my hustle since a youngin’
extra money in my pockets./
every night was payday; don’t know why i’d stop it./
visions of momma puttin’ me in a casket
but i don’t know where she’ll drop it./
best case scenario, she visits the prison i’m locked in

dreams of lavish livin’
goin’ from rags to riches./
d-mn, i guess that’s sickness; god, please have forgiveness./

my weed has concentrated
i’m faded when i’m hittin’ my pen
if i wanna, i pour it and take a drink of that hen’

if it’s a session, then i’m spittin’
i’m reppin’ that pacific northwest -portland’s where i kick it
in case your b-tch wanna visit

suckas can catch me off the clock
time tickin’ if you tock (talk)
it’s all about the walk, and i learned that from the block, m-th-f-cka

//i’m not trippin’ ’bout some lost time
everyone’s got struggles and i’ve got mine

head held high when they watchin’ me fall
and next time i come up, i’m sweatin’ nothin’ at all.//