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3-15 – numbers on the boards (remix) lyrics


numbers on the boards (remix)

1st verse: 3-15
put me on the pyramid so i can see ’em lookin’ up
nothin’ but hatred, for the ones that make it
we get one chance; do anything to take it
treat the beat like a p-ssy and just rape it
you can’t rape what isn’t down to be pleased
dragon’s out the castle and showin’ you the beast
b-tches turn me cold; devil want my soul
speakers bumpin’, late night cruisin’ to show b-tches how we roll
that’s half an o, sweet swishers; don’t forget the magnums, n-gga
another world wonder, and you, you’re just an average n-gga
can’t wait to see the day i’m cruisin’ in a lambo.
b-tches ridin’ -countin’ money- that’s a handful
blazin’ marley’s at the crib; bottles and some munchies too
gon’ keep spittin’ ’til i tour the nation and other countries too
please don’t tell me what to do; k!llin’ dudes like prost-tutes
on g.t.a., cause you know that we play
with dealers and k!llers, and everyone who fear us
anyone less than the trillest don’t get near us
look at the horizon; demonic angels risin’
the skies start burnin’ as the whole family flies in
completely obliterate any who denies it
no way to oblige it; you better be obidin’
you can’t be hidin’
when my n-ggas and i are ridin’
the pyramid’s risin’, n-gga

we see you