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3-15 – one last story lyrics


one last story

it’s been a year since i tossed my cap with my graduating cl-ss
it’s been 5 years since 8th grade when i was rapping to my cl-ss
all the times that’s p-ssed; yeah, lil’ dude was missin’ out
guess it took me a while to understand what everyone else had figured out
but then i made some changes
maturity came with wages
every now and then, rock stages
i finally outgrew my phases
no more of this depression sh-t
back when i was on some freshman sh-t
shout out to the women that i had let me hit
life’s been better since weed when i first messed wit’ it
that was years ago; back when i was in baggy clothes and thought my kicks were the coolest
used to focus on girls and do some foolin’
now it’s money, family; the crew on my to-do list
focused on growin’ up and supportin’ my son instead of tryna be comin’ up with new hits
know if i stick with the foolish rhymin’ instead of grindin’, i’ll end up a deadbeat -useless
f-ck it though -music calls for me; it keeps me sane
distracts me from reality around me that feeds me pain
i just wanna put on a show; rock the crowd -maybe feel some worth
it’s the beats and sharin’ my story that helps me heal my hurt
can you hear my words?

//before i step into the light
before i take a step in h-ll
if i don’t get to make things right
i got one last story to tell.// x2

2nd verse:
it’s been 12 years since my adolescence was stripped away
it’s been 10 years since my mother had three kids to raise
i was 5 when i told her i hate to see her breakin’ down
i’m her first-born; it’s my obligation to make her proud
but i can’t help but feel like my music ain’t the way to do it
i got my three-year-old dependin’ on me -so i know it’s up to me; i gotta make some movement
tired of makin’ minimum; lifestyles -i’m switchin’ ’em
lately, it’s been recklessness and foolish rap i’ve given ’em
d-mn, but i really want my story told
if i don’t make it up there to the gates, i’m sorry, lord
wanna make a beautiful rose outta my th-rny soul
adversities at a young age is what formed me cold
but it’s music that keeps my heart beatin’ with every melody
it’s the lyrics i leave behind that will ensure some kind of legacy
it’s how people will revisit thoughts of me a more pleasantly
i just want my name to be spoken with velvety
just want someone to remember me

//before i step into the light
before i take a step in h-ll
if i don’t get to make things right
i got one last story to tell.// x2