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3-15 – team (clique remix) lyrics


b-tch n-gga, i’m 3-15
ain’t n0body who can see the team
ain’t no way that i’m switchin’ teams
you better bow down and kiss the ring
i’m gettin’ right to ya head, ’cause i am a hotshot
hoe, i’ll give you a c-mshot; never gon’ get c-ck-blocked
the way i’m lookin’ tatted -swear you’ll see me as a savage
and you’re callin’ me an addict- i’m just like, “givin’ no f-cks’s a habit, b-tch.”
call us knu skool; parentheses: e-n-t-; parentheses
hg said we got that chemistry -like that hot element, mercury
we’re all the sun ’cause we’re revolved by the world
hatin’ n-ggas don’t know i’m pluto; i’m so cold
my confidence is bold and my team is so impervious
our subservience will k!ll you;
if we let you live, we’re mildly courteous

//ain’t no whack locals seein’ my team
ain’t no one more rare than my muaf-ckin’ team
as i look around, no one sicker than my team
remember the name: knu skool e-n-t.//