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3-15 – voldemort’s horcrux lyrics


1st verse: (3-15)
i’m mewtwo evolving
immune to my offspring
in fumes with my calling
you’ll soon be dissolving
go ‘head and replay that part cause i know you’re simple-minded
hot-headed like torches
chillin’ wit’ mo’ drugs
west linn chick -gorgeous
i’m voldemort’s horcrux
rappin’ is my magic; see if you find it
three fifteen wit’ a dash in between
hittin’ the scene where they p-ssin’ the green
guess rappin’s p-ssed in my genes
got a cutie wit’ a booty like, “how’d you get that -ss in ’em jeans?”
oh, man
i swear my teachers should’a taken my ipod away
queen on a king-size cause i gotta lay
suckas wanna battle, then why not today? ugh!
i swear i’m just a kid that happens to twist words
f-ck a punchline; my wrist hurts
matchin’ chronic -mixed herbs
two white blondies faded -alcohol sedated- role playin’ as sisters
they photogenic; they bonin’, headin’, and we headin’ to cut like scissors
my mother would be displeased -way i see p-ssy deceased
got greed for these
lines and rhymes -sun up to sun down -piece to piece
y’all better head the beats
i’ll lead the feast when i eat mcs
unleash the beast and increase my cheese
remember the name: it’s fif, yo
you suckas better retreat to peace, yeah