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3 amigos – fool of sombody lyrics


5 x if you’ve got to make a fool of some..body..body

(verse 1)

(check it)
(kingpin on the
f+ck you
you stupid b+tch
you know my friends are two faced
you head case
i wish i never sh+gged you in the first place
time i waste, sketching, thinking its all in my head
i should have left you as nothing but a notch on my bed
but i didn’t
i went the place i said i never go
i opened up to you
tolled you deeper sh+t than you can know
you got respect from all the heads while i’m performing at a show
onе of my boys showed you love
while timе was sure to take its toll
while on the whole
i really think i must of lost my mind
i’m gazing at the vallie but i’m trying to walk with the blind
and half the time
id involve myself with fake people
but i’ve seen it from the start
in the eyes of the deceitful
cuz, i ain’t like you
you ain’t like me
i knew jumping on his d+ck was really quite likely
i f+cking hate you
i know you did that sh+t just despite me
i can never see the truth but had the feeling that it might be

3 x if you’ve got to make a fool of some..body..body

trying to make a f+cking fool of me


who do you think you are man?

time to change the truth tune


(verse 2)

you went behind my back
pushed me to the brink
i don’t know what to think
all i got to trust is my instinct
as i connect the linger
start to see the bigger picture
i will infix you with the theory’s that i put into my scripture
i let the snake slither whilst i walk a higher plain
stroll the desert terrain
my levels hard to restrain
in my life i’ve felt pleasure and pain
but the balance to that sh+t is one and the same
but i’m not chauvinistic
when i speak of girls, i’m specific
like the gash who wants me back
my point you’ve missed it
believe the mistakes come at a high stake
and keep your soldier strapped or prepare to stick the milkshake
can never reach the point
cuz i know it won’t stop
the next chapters that build the statures of l+doc
to everyone that that’s f+cked me over
i thank you
for helping me see the signs
and stop the people that’s about to

4 x if you’ve got to make a fool of some..body..body

3 x play the fields
it’s easy when you play it cool