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3 broke boys – make her say (remix) lyrics


[hook – lady gaga)]
(oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh)
okay, corbama (pa-pa-pa-poker face, pa-pa-poker face)
shout out to phong (oh, oh-oh-oh)
(pa-pa-pa-poker face, pa-pa-poker face)

[verse 1 – corbama]
i’mma spit it like kanye
don’t know ’bout you but i wanna get it on bae
girls now a days just tryna play and n-ggas get emotional, kinda like that 808s and heartbreak
to let you know baby i wanna get in, it’s not your mind or your body that i’m tryna win
but it’s that fat ol’ -ss (aye)
and ya daddy’s cash (aye)
maybe even some of ya old n-ggas og stash (aye!)
you know a beauty hotter than kate upton?
even if she innocent i’m good at corruptin’
i’m the dopest n-gga out you better come correct
and every model b-tch you know i made her c-m, correct?
okay corbama k!lled his verse like a victimless crime-
i swear it’s hard to believe i’m not in my prime-
to get into these bars you gotta put in some time-
tell a ho to say “oh” if she f-ck with these rhymes

[hook w/ ad-libs & scratches from a-trak]

[verse 2 – koba the supreme]
let’s go, let’s go!
she said she want whatever she like
she said she gon’ bring her friend
now we gon’ have a h-ll of a night, through the day, i made her say
hold up, born in 96′?
how old is that? old enough
i got majority with my minorities
so, that’d explain why i’m not sponsored
gettin’ hoes served to me on silver saucers
seven seas, get it wetter than whirlin’ waters
and i don’t give a d-mn like, michael’s doctors so
the commotion is, she c-m-ocean b-tch
no need for enchantment ho i know i was chosen it’s
more samplang (sampling), more koba
more d-mn chains, more bolder
so f-ck a rock to stop cause i just rose up rose up