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3 chainz – mattybraps sucks lyrics


y’all already know this 3 chainz finna sh-t up in the booth
mattyb sucks

mattyb sucks, mattyb sucks
mattyb sucks, i don’t give a f-ck [x2]

[verse 1]
b-tches swag on me like every single chance
b-tches all love me like pulling on my pants
n-ggas on my sh-t like they don’t know what’s happening
beast in the f-cking booth, i don’t give a hoot

b-tches twerk on me every time they get the chance
b-tches twerk on me in my motherf-cking pants
n-ggas wanna f-ck with that real n-gga sh-t
mattyb sucks, cause he sucks f-cking d-ck


[verse 2]
yeah son, all above the game
and everybody knows 3 chainz’s the motherf-cking name
mattyb sucks, he sucks f-cking c-ck
b-tches all want me like all above my c-ck n-gga

suck my d-ck b-tch, in my pants
n-gga swag, n-gga swag every day
i’m a f-cking boss, i’m doing what i want
mattyb sucks, he’s a f-cking b-tch

[hook] [x1]

3 chainz
i don’t play around
real n-gga
i’m the realest
realest in the game
b-tches suck my d-ck
b-tches all over my d-ck
i don’t give a sh-t