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3 inches of blood – lady deathwish lyrics


you need to die for
she cries her evil moan
woman like a banshee
she takes them to their tomb
some say she’s evil
blood is sent to gush
casting a spell
she’ll kill you with her l-st

with poison on her tongue
she was drifting through the park
taking victims from around
attacking in the dark
the glimmer of her h-rns
from the faintest light
you can’t escape her now
she’ll drain your blood tonight!
(she’ll drain your blood, tonight)

takes away your precious seed
giving birth to a new breed!
(tonight! tonight!)
talons torn across your face
bringing justice to the night!
beware to all who cross her path
or she will try to take your soul!
neither human or an angel
any difference born in h-ll!
(the lady of the night comes
for you… she comes for you)

(hiding in the night)
(hiding in the dark)
(this is where you die)
(and where something roars)

succubis with burning lips
the devil’s luscious hips
her offspring on the loose
don’t try to run away
(this is where you die!)

once you think that you’re alone
you’ll hear her wicked moan
when it’s time to feel the pain
lady deathwish strikes again