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3 kisses – immaterial lyrics


by tish meeks, tony meeks, brian hymel
©2009 stolen kisses music (bmi)

another day i’m gonna waste at the mall
never satisfied, i’ve gotta have it all
the new clothes that i got last week
are yesterday’s fashions
i wouldn’t be caught dead in those rags

pre chorus:

i need this, i gotta have that
i want one of those
i can’t live without state of the art
gimme, gimme, gimme
i gotta have, have, have
when i get everything i want
i’ll finally be happy, right?

it’s immaterial
that i’m materialistic, ahh
it’s not worth having if it can’t be bought
it’s immaterial
that i’m materialistic, ahh
you’re not worth having if you can’t be bought
how much do you cost?

impulse buys are a guilty pleasure of mine
they are crucial to my trivial vision of life
never mind that i don’t have cash
i’ve got plenty of plastic
who could p-ss up such a killer deal?

i don’t care what the price tag is up front
as long as i can make the minimum
payment every month
i got it on sale
i saved a thousand bucks
but in the long run,
i’ve spent 10 times that much