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3 kisses – miss out lyrics


miss out
music by tish meeks, jonny tomaiko
lyrics by tish meeks

will you let me in
i won’t hurt you like the others
i’m not like them – i swear
i know they’re only words i speak
can you find the difference in me
let me show you, let me show you

you gotta risk it all, life is short
and do you really wanna miss out?
do you wanna miss out?
you know that it’s you’re call
and i’ll wait here, yeah i’ll wait here ‘til you make it
do you really want to miss out?

what are you doing here?
do you even know yourself?
you’re not making any sense
are there feelings you ignore?
coulda sworn you wanted more
i will give it, i will give it

just kill me now
and spare my broken heart

why would you close the door?
why is this the way you want it?
now you’ll never know for sure
what if you just threw away
the one who would have stayed
with you forever, yeah forever?