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3 kisses – psycho stalker lyrics


psycho stalker
music by tish meeks, tony meeks, brian hymel
lyrics by tish meeks
stolen kisses music (bmi)

you have a pretty face
but you make me cry
we’ve known each other
such a long, long time
not that it matters
false sense of security
i gave myself to you
now you’re har-ssing me
this can’t continue

psycho stalker
i need a restraining order
you can’t stay…
far enough away from me
banging on my door at 4am
leave me alone
don’t come back again
psycho stalker,
i don’t love you anymore

when i broke it off
i thought you understood
that we’d be friends
i never thought you would
go off the deep end
now i’m the bad guy to
everyone we know
i can’t believe you’d sink this low
you’re freakin’ mental

i said it’s over
but you wanted more
you’re so unstable
you’ve done this before
now no one trusts you
blowing up my phone with
desperate texts
can’t help but wonder
what’s gonna blow next?
this isn’t normal