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3 kisses – the last time lyrics


the last time
music by tish meeks, tony meeks
lyrics by tish meeks
stolen kisses music (bmi)

i thought i caught you smile
from the corner of my eye
something wicked in your smile
something sinister inside
i glimpsed the sinister side of you

pre chorus:
when you turned to walk away
i coulda sworn….i saw you wave

did you have something to say?
was it a simple wave goodbye?
your mood seemed so strange
was it goodbye for the last time?

what’s lurking in your head?
behind those hollow eyes
something slightly, sickly wrong
something dark you’re trying to hide
what are you trying to hide from me?

i’m feeling kinda scared
plagued by faint unease
something sinking in my soul
something tainted with disease
and it’s eating away at me

altered pre chorus
when we went our separate ways
i thought i’d get more than a wave