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3 kisses – yellow lyrics


music by tish meeks, tony meeks
lyrics by tish meeks
stolen kisses music (bmi)

why so hostile? why so angry?
what did i ever do to you
to make you crazy, make you hate me
i come in peace, i swear

pre chorus:
talk a lot of smack about me
no guts to face me, plain disgrace me
think about this, don’t be hasty

how does yellow feel?
talk is cheap, so lets get real
how does yellow feel?
how does yellow feel?

what has gotten into you?
don’t know who you think you are.
you’re out of control
just let it go
it’s no big deal, i swear

i’ve done all that i can do
you’re not one to be diffused
i’ve got no more time for you
i’m out of here, i swear