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3 light $kinz – real rap lyrics


[verse 1] nuk on da track

listening to nav
is the only enjoyment i have
these old -ss rappers
nothing more than old clappers
the new age of music
makes me happier than a 2 hour lesbo flick
kanye’s falling off
lil yachty getting ready for take off
lil yachty better than 2pac
when yachty at chipotle he don’t need to pay for extra guac
shout lil uzi
he always gets the booty
miss me with wu tang
i roll with yws gang
and if u run up on my mans
you’ll get hit like bang bang
give ur shirt bare holes, no crop top
then you start crying, rain drop drop top

[verse 2] nuk on da track

i only f-cks with new bros
all my new bros are hoes
they spit water, so fluid it freezing like ice
they spit fire, so awesome it is so nice
you old rappers wear pantyhose
and got bare pimples on ur nose
when i shoot them they’re like flash by in slo-mo
i shoot them bc their all home o’s

[verse 3] aaron canaon on da beat

yuh, we out here
when we step outside we got bare gear
we oldermans, so we drink beer
try to run up on us, we call you a queer
me and my gang, we nice
we icy got bare ice
if you run up and try to fight
you get dealt with because thats light