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3 melancholy gypsies – sunsprayed lyrics


[verse 3: murs]
well, open your mind and close your eyes
now tell me what you see
look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s only me
droppin nitrogen on your men
leavin them all frozen in a freeze+frame
i’ll rearrange the game and scramble the brains
if you can’t maintain on the same plain of existence
your existence is futile
meanwhile, i’m rollin with my pistol with my lyrical projectiles
of style
genetically altered to make you faltеr
kneel down at my altar
my chromosomes is in my microphones so that the univеrse is my rhyme tone
in a parallel dimension my rhyme attention rate is so great, i
annihilate you emcees at an astonishing rate
so you can count how many if any are left breathing seething with envy
so many of my enemies want to end me
but they can’t cuz i’m only pretending…